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: bike4chai

Bike4Chai is a premier 2-day annual cycling event benefiting Chai Lifeline, an international organization that provides 24/7 support to seriously ill children and their families. They needed an energy-infused campaign to generate buzz around its 2016 charity ride—and surpass already-high revenue benchmarks from previous years.

the challenges
• Bike4Chai was the first charity event of its kind in the Jewish Orthodox world, so enthusiasm for its initial rides was organic. Six years later, Bike4Chai required a deliberate, sophisticated strategy that relied not on novelty but on the excitement of a unique concept.

• Campaign strategy needed to maintain brand consistency from previous years + integrate current, intriguing elements to lure back seasoned cyclists and attract new ones.

• Bike4Chai targets a wide range of Jewish participants & donors, from unaffiliated to ultra-Orthodox. All collateral needed a universal appeal that would resonate with people from diverse backgrounds.

: the 14minds solution

14minds produced a design concept that showcased Bike4Chai’s familiar brand logo & colors in fresh, modern dimensions. The marketing collateral—cyclist apparel, start line decor, signage, and multiple branded products like water bottles, medallions, and bumper stickers—gave off contemporary, urban vibes that attracted a high-end cohort of riders and donors.

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