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FreedomCare—a home health care agency specializing in CDPAP, New York’s Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Program—approached us as a fledgling startup in need of foundational branding and marketing strategy. CDPAP facilitation is a highly competitive industry, with tens of New York fiscal intermediary agencies aggressively vying for clients each year.

: the 14minds solution

• Name + Branding. CDPAP is all about the freedom to choose your caregiver—and the freedom to control your life. We chose a company name, tagline, and logo imagery that stepped beyond the standard care/compassion themes and embodied this exhilarating power.

Company website. FreedomCare’s fresh, easy-to-navigate website projects core brand messaging while packing in lots of information in a clear, non-intimidating way.

Ad campaigns. FreedomCare targets an older audience, so we used print media as its central marketing platform. Vigorous, eye-catching ad campaigns—on subways, buses, and via direct home mailings—got the word out, fast and furiously.

• Print collateral. Brand collateral is a company’s apparel—how it presents itself to the world. We designed sharp, on-brand materials, including a brochure, presentation folder, trade show booth signage, and business cards.

• The results. In just one year, Freedom Care mushroomed from a tiny start-up to a 40-employee corporation, with five New York offices serving 24 counties across the state.

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