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: nail it

A start-up home repair firm, Nail It needed to get its name out with 
memorable, targeted marketing that would propel its brand above the 
sea of competition. Home maintenance is an industry based largely on 
trust, so the goal was to establish brand awareness and credibility in a 
short amount of time, allowing their crew to cultivate a loyal customer
base and get consistent gigs.

: the 14minds solution

Makes-you-grin logo. Featuring a smiling repairman in orange coveralls, our hand-illustrated logo generates fast feelings of likeability and trust. The imagery was carefully designed to project equal parts professionalism and warmth.

Hard-hitting ad campaign. With striking colors, bold typography, and headlines that made readers nod their heads and laugh, our ad campaign—published on digital + print platforms—rolled out the long-neglected fixtures, shelves, and minor (but ridiculously annoying) repairs that tend to get pushed off for ages. The vivid pain-point agitation, coupled by the get-it-done urgency and validating feelings of “they-understand-me!”, yielded goal-surpassing results in client calls and projects.

Head-turning vehicle design. 14minds leveraged Nail It’s most powerful—and cost-effective— marketing real estate by creating a compelling 3-D vehicle wrap that seriously boosted brand awareness, while reinforcing vibes of authenticity, reliability, and competence.

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