Our Story

Marketing Delivered By Smart Minds.
And Mindful of Your Goals.

Today more than ever, marketing needs to make an impact. To impact your customers’ lives – and of course, your business’ bottom line. Experience has taught us that the best way to achieve both is by reimaging the conventional marketing agency.

14 Minds is different in two fundamental ways:

We only hire on-demand and collaborate with the best talent from around the world

We only work with specialists – the smartest minds in their field – to ensure the best work on each project.

The end result? You get access to industry experts – writers, designers, programmers, digital marketers, event planners, and business strategists – who are individually handpicked to collaborate on your project. No big agency bureaucracy. No big agency overhead to pay.


It’s a modern way to work. It’s a mindful way to hire. It’s a proven path to results.