Case Study

Bnos Bracha Awareness Campaign

How can an elementary school memorialize a beloved teacher’s legacy when it does not have a centralized alumni database?

The 14 Minds Solution

Bnos Bracha reached as many alumnae as possible by engaging its own email lists and using paid media to reach alumnae who weren’t yet on the lists. Alumnae were invited to submit their memories for Morah Murik’s biography. They were also invited to join the new “alumnae community” to reconnect with peers and access exclusive alumnae content and reminders.

  • The campaign generated excitement and connected Bnos Brocha’s unique chinuch approach to the legacy driving it.  
  • Approximately 90 alumnae submitted memories, and 60 joined the alumnae directory. 
  • The follow up fundraising campaign reached its one-million dollar goal!

What we did:

  • Research and Strategy
  • Campaign branding and messaging
  • Campaign landing page
  • Media Calendar
  • Print ad series
  • Press release
  • Print Articles
  • Landing page video (direction)
  • Email series
  • Mini whitepaper 
  • Banner ads
  • Digital articles
  • Social Media
  • Eblast flyers
  • Direct mail
  • Posters 
  • School flyers 
  • Branded items
  • Alumni kits 
  • Fundraising brochure
  • Fundraising photobook
  • Implementation guide

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