Case Study

Keren Hashviis + Jamie Geller

How can a venerable organization and a celebrity chef best join forces to support record levels of shmitah-observant farmers? The end-of-year campaign was an opportunity to connect Jamie’s audience to Israel’s farmers and their challenges, laying the groundwork for continuing to cultivate this audience throughout the year (and beyond!)

The 14 Minds Solution

Support Our Farmers succeeded in creating a strong brand that helped a new audience learn about and appreciate shmitah.

  • The campaign generated overwhelmingly positive feedback on Jamie’s social media and in the comments of those who donated. 
  • The average donation size was far larger than our research survey predicted, and the donation abandonment rate was far lower than average.
  • The two livestreams from this campaign have over 1000 and 2000 views respectively—and counting. 

6 months after we stopped promoting the campaign, donations are still coming in.

What we did:

  • Market Research and Strategy
  • Campaign Branding and Messaging
  • Digital Ad Campaign
  • Email and Social Media Campaign
  • Influencer Event + Collabs
  • Livestream event promotion
  • Cookbook production

Why did you
choose 14 Minds?

“From a brand awareness perspective, I’m thrilled. I feel like everyone knows the term Support Our Farmers, and they know that I’m synonymous with it. I love every asset that we produced, both visually and strategically, and I’m beyond proud to stand behind them.

The cookbook is an extra-special piece that took this campaign from “cool” to “wow.” It wasn’t just recipes—it was so much more, and that’s what 14Minds brought to the table. Farmer’s Kitchen will be a legacy piece that will continue to bring value between this shmitah year and the next.”

-Jamie Geller, celebrity chef and bestselling author

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