Case Study


PUAH is a non-profit devoted to helping the greater Jewish community fulfill their dreams of building a healthy family. They approached 14Minds to help the organization spread awareness for their services.

Challenges + Insights

– Puah provides so many services that is hard to summarize and articulate, so there were many misconceptions about what they do

– The topic of infertility is a sensitive one that is difficult to address publicly

– Other organizations provide similar services to Puah, with no clear differentiation, and many people only called Puah as a last resort


After an incredibly thorough research process, we create a modern, user-friendly website with a focus on conversion through social proof, authentic testimonials, and compelling copy. We also updated their branding to be more modern, fresh and portray the serenity that is the goal of the center.


We ran a multichannel campaign on a relatively low budget by emphasizing digital over print, and incorporating true stories of people who were helped by Puah.

What we did:

Print Ad Campaign
Email Campaign
Social Media Strategy

Why it Worked

Event though Puah always had a hotline, positioning this service as new encouraged people who may have preconceptions to take a second look

Promoting a call-in service encourages calling in immediately rather than waiting for an extreme situation

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