Case Study

Rockland Chesed Network

How can a beloved Tomche Shabbos organization evolve to encompass its growth without losing the trust it has built over decades? The creation of Rockland Chesed Network aligned the organization’s branding with its scope of services. An awareness campaign empowered the newly-formed umbrella organization to educate both donors and recipients about all the ways they help. The subsequent crowdfunder capitalized on this excitement to raise $1 million for the organization’s chesed activities.

The 14 Minds Solution

14Minds created Rockland Chesed Network, and then generated buzz and awareness around the new organization and its connection with Tomche Shabbos.

  • The crowdfunding campaign raised over               $1 million! A bonus round brought in an additional $115,140
  • RCN’s ad campaign informed more than 1.3 million people about the organization’s scope and mission.

What we did:

  • Market Research and Strategy
  • Organization Naming and Branding
  • Campaign Branding and Messaging
  • Digital Ad Campaign
  • Print Ad and Media Campaign
  • Email and Social Media Campaign
  • Crowdfunding Campaign

Why did you
choose 14 Minds?

“Tomche Shabbos had a distinct branding need, and 14Minds was able to identify a solution and carry it through. I really appreciate the amazing job they did creating, naming, and launching Rockland Chesed Network. I would recommend 14Minds to any organization that needs strong branding, or that is looking to tackle a specific strategic challenge.”

-Mr. Alan Rosenstock, Director of Rockland Chesed Network

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