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Teach to Reach

How can a chinuch organization acquaint educators around the country and beyond with its life-changing resources? A series of campaigns centered around building legitimacy and raising awareness enabled Teach to Reach to capture hundreds of new leads, introduce their materials into classrooms around the country, and achieve top-of-mind recognition in the world of Jewish education.

Why did you
choose 14 Minds?

“We approached Tzivia and her team because we didn’t feel that the previous company was creative enough or put themselves out there to fit our needs,”
Mrs. Chani Belsky Administrator at Hanna Sacks.
Mrs. Chani Belsky
Administrator at Hanna Sacks.


  • While Teach to Reach has a powerful mission and diverse offerings, it did not always implement this mission in a cohesive and streamlined fashion.

  • The organization’s marketing was sporadic and inconsistent. 

  • Some educators might dismiss the mission of instilling a deeper connection to Judaism as irrelevant and unnecessary. 

  • Content had to be extremely user-friendly since the target audience has many demands on their time, scarce resources, and inadequate remuneration; they have no time or energy for anything “extra.”

  • It is difficult to make an evidence-based argument about the programs’ importance and urgency since impact on students is long-term and unquantifiable.

The 14 Minds

The 14 Minds Solution

The 14 Minds

We began with extensive internal and external research into Teach to Reach and its target market. Then, we built out a funnel of long-term goals designed to progressively enhance Teach to Reach’s reputation and build their influence, while further engaging all leads at their stage.

We broke our big-picture goals into strategic smaller campaigns, including: 

An ad campaign to gather leads and legitimacy via a lead magnet for teachers.

An awareness campaign introducing educators to specific resources.

A live event kicking off a new webinar series.

A campaign promoting and gaining sign-ups for TTR’s video training course for teachers.

A unique Pesach ad stimulating meaningful conversations at Seder tables around the country.


In the months following the lead magnets’s release:
  • More than 1,000 people downloaded the guidebook.
  • Teach to Reach’s website traffic jumped 400% over 2 months.
  • Teach to Reach’s email list grew by 9% (nearly 600 contacts) over 7 months, compared to 1.8% in the previous 7 months!
In the first year: 
  • More than 25 new schools joined Teach to Reach—more than a 100% increase! 
  • Teach to Reach reached more than 5,000 new students
  • More than 2,900 new users visited Teach to Reach’s website. 
In the second year: 
  • 4,500 new users visited Teach to Reach’s website—a 50% increase.
  • 200+ teachers participated in Teach to Reach’s new online course.
36 school leaders graduated from Teach to Reach’s intensive training program.  

Why did you choose 14Minds?​

“I chose to work with 14Minds because I felt we had an offering that was very beneficial to the world—but we were working hand to mouth, trying to reach a few people here and there. I wanted to reach our audience on a much larger scale.

“14Minds took our disjointed marketing ideas, refined them, and turned them into a concrete plan. Since we started working with 14Minds this year, we have multiplied our growth tenfold. It has been very exciting; I didn’t expect to reach this many people so quickly.”

-Rabbi Yaakov Jaffe, Executive Director, Teach to Reach

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