Case Study

United Refuah HealthShare

United Refuah HealthShare (URHS), the first and only Jewish health-share that provides the Jewish community with an affordable healthcare option, amongst a host of other benefits.

Campaign Objectives:

  • Increase overall awareness and brand recognition
  • Increase membership
  • Increase list of qualified leads

The Result:

  • Compared to the year before, enrollment numbers had tripled and increased by approximately 150% from the year prior. 
  • There were approximately 450 webinar sign-ups and 300 attendees.

What We Did:

  • A Research Driven Approach
  • Information Webinar
  • Nurturing Leads
  • Media Distribution Strategy

Why It Worked:

  • Media saturation: We spread our messaging through various channels, hitting people from every direction.
  • Clear, consistent messaging: Our messaging was clear:
    • URHS is affordable and simple.
    • Learn more about it at the upcoming webinar and receive a gift card.
  • Case Studies: Real stories and testimonials helped convert a casual web browsers into more involved leads.
  • Timing: The webinar strategically took place in early December, during Open Enrollment when individuals are actively looking for healthcare program alternatives.

Overall, as demonstrated by the number of sign ups, the campaign demonstrated that there is a great deal of interest in URHS, and therefore, a great deal of potential. 

Affordable Healthcare Services for Jewish Families

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