2020 was shaping up to be
a great year; then, the
Coronavirus crisis swooped in
and changed everything.

You may be asking yourself:

  • What does the new normal look like for our organization?
  • Should we be continuing with our marketing efforts during this crisis?
  • How can I raise awareness for my non-profit without in-person events?

You are facing unprecedented challenges.

  • You may be struggling to work remotely, or are operating with limited staff and resources
  • Social distancing measures have put a pause on your normal operations
  • Your usual sources of funding have dried up or are not accessible right now


  • The people who rely on your services need you more than ever
  • Your donors and supporters are waiting to see how your organization responds to the crisis
  • Your volunteers still want to give back and are standing by for opportunities

You need to know what to do next.

We are here for you.

We are pivoting our resources and redirecting our expertise to help
non-profit organizations by doing what we do best – creating goal-oriented
marketing strategies and campaigns that drive REAL results.

We can create a marketing strategy for you that will allow you to:

Assist the people who need
your services the most

Generate the funds
you need to maintain operations
and retain key staff

Communicate your plan for coping
with the crisis with donors, supporters
and volunteers and gives them
opportunities to help

Implement creative solutions
to replace in-person interactions
and events

How do we do this?

1 Define your Goals

First, we clearly define your goals – both for getting through this crisis and for coming out of it stronger than ever.

2 Know Your Audience

Then, we identify, and research your audience until we know each segment – donors, supporters, volunteers, and recipients of your services – inside and out.

3 Craft Key Messages

Next, we’ll work closely with key players within your organization to craft key messages that will resonate with your audience and drive immediate results.

4 Plan your Launch

Lastly, we’ll assemble a detailed plan that includes the tactics and channels you can use to distribute your message within your budget.

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