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: woolzies

Woolzies is a mom-launched, mom-targeting, eco-friendly brand that offers an array of household and personal products to environmentally conscious homemakers. The company—whose bestselling, all-natural dryer balls product took the industry by storm—needed a rebrand to reflects its enhanced market positioning, but the shift had to be strategically engineered: a recent, too-drastic rebrand had failed, alienating loyal buyers.

: the 14minds solution

• Thoughtful rebrand. Following a thorough competitive analysis, our team revamped the Woolzies logo and package designs with updated curves and typefaces while retaining its best elements: vibrant green (natural), reassuring script (personal), and soft lines (safe). 

• Webfront. Though most of its customers are giant home wholesalers, Woolzies needed an attractive, fully serviceable ecommerce site for retail consumers. We created a seamless interface that integrated striking product photos (produced via photoshoot), reinforced by compelling new product names that spoke to customers’ most pressing wants.

• Print collateral. To intrigue Woolzies’ large-scale retail prospects, our team created a slew of crisp, branded marketing collateral: signage, in-store displays, business cards, catalogs, and more.

• Social media. 14minds set Woolzies up with accounts on the platforms where their ideal customers hang out most. Then, we formulated a targeted strategy that ensured relevant, engaging content: eco-friendly household tips + best ways to use organic products.

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