Case Study

Chicago Community Kollel 40th Anniversary

How can Chicago’s first community kollel increase donations and raise awareness in honor of its 40th anniversary? A wide-ranging awareness and event campaign used storytelling to target new, smaller donors who could evolve into steady supporters.

The 14 Minds Solution

The awareness campaign worked in conjunction with the kollel’s standard one-to-one fundraising to broaden its base of supporters and participants. The campaign focused on the kollel’s and its alumni’s foundational role in Chicago’s Torah infrastructure.

  • By raising national awareness, this event helped set the stage for more robust marketing down the line.

What we did:

  • Market Research and Strategy
  • Event Branding and Messaging
  • Email and Social Media Campaign
  • Digital Ad Campaign
  • Print Ad and Media Campaign
  • Landing Page
  • Event Mailings
  • Event Posters
  • Fundraising Deck
  • Video Direction
  • Event Signage and Materials

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