Case Study

Hannah Sacks Bais Yaakov 2021 Campaign

How can Hannah Sacks Bais Yaakov expand its donor base and generate positive feelings about HSBY among the Chicago community and school alumni? Hannah Sacks embraced a hybrid (live + virtual) event featuring renowned magician Andrew Goldenhersch and a raffle.

The 14 Minds Solution

The campaign What’s the Magic Word? launched in three phases. Throughout the campaign, HSBY offered special offers and prizes to help generate excitement and widen the audience.

  • Phase 1, pre-campaign, focused on reconnecting alumni with the school. Once reconnected, the alumni were compelled to join the event.
  • Phase 2, the pre-launch, offered early access to previous attendees.
  • Phase 3, the public launch, included an early bird special.

The Results

  • The event sold 484 tickets from alumni, the parent body, and the broader Chicago community. 
  • HSBY raised approximately $293,785, exceeding the previous year’s $275K.
  • The audience responded positively and provided encouraging feedback.



What we did:

  • Campaign Branding
  • Print Ad Series
  • Landing Page
  • Email Series
  • Social Media Posts (Status + Post) + sharing graphic
  • Web campaign
  • Direct Mail
  • Lawn Signs
  • Video Direction
  • Virtual event background
  • VIP event digital invite
  • Event signage
  • Receipt + Gift copywriting

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