Case Study

One Israel Fund End-of-Year Campaign

How can an organization supporting the residents of Judea and Samaria create a unique end-of-year campaign that reaches both a younger audience and their long-time donor base? An integrated three-part campaign appealed to a wide range of ages while promoting word of mouth for One Israel Fund.

The 14 Minds Solution

We created a children’s book, Adi’s Next Step, written as a series of letters from a young girl living in Judea and Samaria. One Israel Fund distributed the digital book for free, sold hard copies on Amazon, and sent books to high-level donors. We collaborated with influencer Elizabeth Savetsky to spread the book’s reach and access a younger audience. Both the end-of-year mailing and the end-of-year report maintained the letter format, tying the three pieces together.

  • Dozens of books sold!
  • The book succeeded in raising awareness of One Israel Fund’s work and engaging a younger community.

What we did:

  • Research and Strategy
  • Book Writing, Illustration, and Publication
  • Influencer Materials
  • Donor Letter
  • Landing Page
  • Social Posts
  • Email Campaign
  • Book Trailer
  • Press Release
  • End-of-Year Mailing
  • End-of-Year Report

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