Case Study

PUAH Cares

The Puah Cares Summit was a two-day virtual summit that took place on July 19-20, 2020. The summit addressed the three pillars of PUAH Fertility’s services: medical direction, halachic guidance and emotional support as it applies to fertility. Participants heard from experts in the field including prominent Rabbanim, distinguished fertility doctors and respected mental health professionals. Ultimately, the summit accomplished two goals: it provided valuable services and information to the greater Orthodox-Jewish community and generated awareness of Puahs’s work and the PUAH Cares Line, an automatic helpline.

Challenges and Insights:

The PUAH Cares summit was a completely new and fully virtual event that took place during the COVID-19 pandemic. 14 Minds was tasked with maximizing PUAH’s media budget and getting creative with it by tapping into existing audiences and utilizing strong affiliate relationships.

How we got involved:

  • We generated noise via a multichannel marketing campaign, targeting potential participants via print advertising, email marketing and social media activation as well as nurturing PUAH’s organic lists via targeting emails.
  • Social media buzz and influencer activation: We worked with the PUAH team to promote the summit via PUAH’s organic social channels. We sourced relevant influencers and prompted them with  “Let’s Talk About it” templates to help promote an open conversation about infertility and the PUAH Cares summit. We also utilized Facebook’s strong abilities to micro-target audiences via engaged Facebook Groups. 
  • Grassroots Activation: In order for the campaign to see real success, we tapped into “word of mouth marketing.” Every community has men and women who can benefit from PUAH. In order to really penetrate smaller communities, we harnessed pre-existing groups via powerful community leaders, like kallah teachers, mikvah organization etc. 
  • Presenters’ Activation: We encouraged presentations to promote the summit to their social media followers, email lists, and communities. We provided them with all various marketing materials, like content for social media. 

Participation Goal: 500 Registrants

Participation Result: 750 Registrants

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