Case Study

Upward Community Rebrand and Awareness Campaign

How can a mental health organization effectively reposition its brand to spell out its scope of services and eliminate association with a similar-sounding organization, without jeopardizing the trust it has built within its community? 14Minds spearheaded a complete brand overhaul, complete with a new identity and streamlined messaging, and rolled out the rebrand at a highly anticipated community event.

The 14 Minds Solution

On Sunday, August 29, Madraigos Midwest officially became Upward Chicago. The rebrand was unveiled at the organization’s annual softball tournament, culminating with an exciting Ishai Ribo concert. Following the event, we focused on raising awareness through targeted primers and a systematic focus on Upward’s three new pillars.

The client reported enthusiastically positive reactions from attendees, who expressed clear comprehension of the brand shift. In addition:

  • The parenting primer gathered 77 new leads
  • The teen primer gathered 40 new leads.

What we did:

  • Market research
  • Naming, branding, and messaging
  • Rebrand rollout + event strategy
  • Influencer integration guidelines
  • Website direction
  • Campaign landing page
  • Media strategy and calendar
  • Print, social and email campaign
  • Lead magnet strategy and execution
  • Content templates

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