Case Study


Mesivta of Eatontown was holding their 2nd Ski4Moe fundraising event. The previous year’s event had been successful, but they wanted the follow up event to be even better.

The 14Minds

“We really felt that our campaign was a top priority to 14Minds, and that they really cared. They took full ownership of the project, constantly updating and strategizing to make it as successful as possible.”

Rabbi Yehudah Neuwirth 
Rebbe, Administrator at Mesivta of Eatontown

Rabbi Yehudah Neuwirth 
Rebbe, Administrator at Mesivta of Eatontown

The 14 Minds Solution

The 14 Minds




We rebranded the event with a sophisticated, memorable logo and secondary assets to be used on all touchpoints.


ad campaign

In order to maximize exposure, we used a combination of print ads, press releases, outdoor signage,  Instagram, Whatsapp, and email to promote the event.


event signage

We used the event’s foundational branding elements to produce multiple deliverables: branded apparel, event signage, and backdrops.

Last years event stats:

67 Skiers

$109K Raised

This years event stats:

140 Skiers

$220K Raised

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